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Type: Journal Article
Title: Identifying a research gap in relation to family and domestic violence accommodation design within Victoria, Australia: A systematic review
Authors: Sunikka-Blank, Minna
Mitcheltree, Heather
ANRA Topic: Housing and homelessness
ANRA Population: General population
Year: 2022
Publisher: ScienceDirect
Abstract:  Within Australia, domestic and family violence (DFV) is a major health and welfare issue that disproportionately impacts on women, children, and vulnerable segments of the population. This paper examines the results of a systematic literature review aimed at identifying the existing evidence base in relation to the nexus between accommodation design and the health and well-being of women seeking shelter within Victoria, Australia. The review focused on three primary questions: a. What literature currently exists in relation to the design of refuges? b. How does the design of DFV refuges impact on those within refuges? c. What methods and metrics have been used to assess the effectiveness of the design of housing interventions to support and promote agency, and better health and wellbeing?

The review found that there is a significant lack of research into housing interventions for those seeking refuge. Of the 6038 records screened, only 2 studies were identified that fit within the review criteria, both of which focused exclusively on refuges within the USA. Among the very limited research that exists, there is little interrogation of the design of the refuge, nor an intersectional and geographically contextualized examination of how experiences of DFV and the shelter environment impact on wellbeing outcomes. Despite literature that demonstrates the positive impacts of well-being centered design approaches, the application of such research to the evaluation and design of DFV refuges, both within Australia and globally, remains an area in need of further research.

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