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Type: Journal Article
Title: Interventions during pregnancy or up to two years after birth for parents who are experiencing complex trauma or have experienced maltreatment in their childhood (or both) to improve parenting capacity or socio‐emotional well‐being
Authors: Ralph, Naomi
Bennetts, Shannon K
Clark, Yvonne
Mensah, Fiona
Hokke, Stacey
Brown, Stephanie J
Chamberlain, Catherine
Nicholson, Jan M
Reid, Carol
McKenzie, Joanne E
Brennan, Sue E
Keywords: complex trauma;Pregnancy
ANRA Topic: Children and young people
ANRA Population: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities
Children and young people population
Categories: ANROWS Completed Register of Active Research projects
Year: 2021
Publisher: Wiley
Abstract:  Objectives
This is a protocol for a Cochrane Review (intervention). The objectives are as follows:

To assess the effects of interventions provided to support parents experiencing complex trauma or who have experienced childhood maltreatment (or both) on parenting capacity and parental psychological or socio‐emotional well‐being.

The research has concluded and the output has been added to the ANROWS library. Please visit for more information on the RAR.

Project title

Healing the past by nurturing the future: Learning how to identify and support Indigenous parents who have experienced complex childhood trauma


Complex childhood trauma causes profound and long-lasting effects on physical, social and emotional wellbeing, which can be triggered during the transition to parenthood and impede the capacity of parents to nurture their children. This transition offers a unique opportunity for healing and preventing intergenerational transmission of trauma. This project co-designs and evaluates acceptability and feasibility of screening and support for Indigenous parents experiencing complex trauma.

Funding body

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) (GNT1141593)

Funding budget


Project start date

June 2018

Expected completion date

December 2022

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