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Record ID: a2348a2e-5539-4437-9bfa-c17e257b83ab
Type: Journal Article
Title: Secrecy, control and violence in women's intimate relationships with child sexual abuse material offenders
Authors: Dubler, Natasha
Salter, Michael
Woodlock, Delanie
Keywords: Offenders;Child sexual abuse
ANRA Topic: Children and young people
Sexual violence and sexual harassment
ANRA Population: Populations: Other
Year: 2022
Publisher: AIC
Citation: No. 661
Abstract:  Many child sexual abuse material (CSAM) offenders have non-offending partners and children who are impacted by their CSAM use. However, the specific dynamics of CSAM offending within a relationship or family context have been overlooked in forensic research, while scholarship on domestic violence and coercive control has not focused on CSAM offending as a possible correlate of domestic abuse. This paper presents the findings of the first study to examine the crossover between domestic violence, coercive control and CSAM offending in intimate relationships.
ISSN: 1836-2206
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