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dc.contributor.authorHobbs, Carmelen
dc.publisherAnglicare Tasmaniaen
dc.subject.otherUnderstanding victimisation and perpetration, and their impactsen
dc.titleYoung, in love and in danger: Teen domestic violence and abuse in Tasmania research reporten
dc.subject.readinglistChildren and young people populationen
dc.subject.readinglistChildren and young peopleen
dc.subject.readinglistUnderstanding victimisation and perpetration, and their impactsen
dc.subject.readinglistData developmenten
dc.description.notes<table> <tbody> <tr> <td colspan="1" id="notes"><p>This research project investigated the experiences of young Tasmanians who had been abused by a partner when under the age of 18.</p><p>It is the first Tasmanian research of its kind and one of few studies nationally.</p><p>The aim of the project was to:</p><ul> <li>understand the prevalence and nature of child intimate partner abuse (IPA) in Tasmania</li> <li>understand the support and service needs of child victims of IPA in Tasmania&#39;</li> <li>describe current responses to child victims of IPA</li> </ul></td> </tr> </tbody></table>en
dc.subject.anratopicData developmenten
dc.subject.anratopicChildren and young peopleen
dc.subject.anrapopulationChildren and young people populationen
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