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Type: Journal Article
Title: Healthcare students’ and educators’ views on the integration of gender-based violence education into the curriculum: A qualitative inquiry in three countries
Authors: Bradbury-Jones, Caroline
Sammut, Dana
Ferrer, Lilian
Gorham, Emily
Hegarty, Kelsey L
Kuruppu, Jacqueline
Salvo, Francisca Lopez
Keywords: Education;Chile;United Kingdom;Gender-based violence;Health professional students
ANRA Topic: Other
Primary prevention
ANRA Population: Populations: Other
Year: 2022
Publisher: Springer Link
Abstract:  Purpose
Health and social care professionals are ideally placed to identify and address gender-based violence (GBV), yet research continues to demonstrate that the subject is being poorly covered at undergraduate level. This qualitative study explored health and social care students’ and educators’ views on GBV education, with a view to identifying ‘best practice’. We aimed to capture students’ and educators’ experiences and perceptions of GBV education across participating countries; how participants thought GBV should be taught/learned within their curricula; and their views on how GBV education might be ‘optimized’.
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