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Record ID: 3ee582d5-7a40-41ca-86a0-2097252e0ead
Type: Journal Article
Title: Governing through (an exclusive) community: Limitations of state conceptualisations of ‘the community’ in domestic violence policies
Authors: Parsell, Cameron
Kuskoff, Ella
Clarke, Andrew
Keywords: cultural change;policy reform
ANRA Topic: Other
ANRA Population: General population
Year: 2022
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Abstract:  In response to growing evidence that cultural values and behaviours are key drivers of men’s use of domestic violence against women, states across the globe are increasingly implementing prevention policies aimed at mobilising cultural change within the community. Through an examination of one Australian state’s recent and significant domestic violence policy reform, we demonstrate that, although state-led efforts to change community culture hold merit, they can also be undermined by exclusive constructions of the community. As a result, efforts to change community culture exclude the very group whose values and behaviours are most problematic: men who perpetrate domestic violence. We argue that broadening conceptualisations of community is of critical importance for policies seeking to change community culture. Such conceptualisations must necessarily include men who perpetrate domestic violence, as theirs are the values and behaviours that most urgently require change.
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