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Record ID: 531f0b7a-c77a-4600-8c4b-cc08d0261f51
Type: Journal Article
Title: Re-imagining what counts as femicide
Authors: Fitz-Gibbon, Kate
Cook, Elizabeth A.
Walklate, Sandra
Keywords: Femicide
ANRA Topic: Other
ANRA Population: General population
Year: 2022
Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
Abstract:  This Special Subsection on Re-imagining what counts as femicide brings together five original articles which, from different perspectives, seek to push, challenge, and redefine what counts as femicide. The contributions offered here excavate the conceptual issues of what, who, and where femicide ‘counts’. In order to do so, the articles engage with epistemological and methodological questions regarding how different bodies of evidence on femicide are formed and which take priority, the ethical implications of including or excluding deaths from counts of femicide, and prospects for legal intervention, specifically in Latin America, in contributing to who and what is counted as femicide. Together, these articles seek to challenge how existing concepts of femicide and approaches to counting have focused policy and practice attention on some women’s lives whilst neglecting to count (and thereby acknowledge) others.
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