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Type: Journal Article
Title: Examining a rural Victorian community's knowledge and help seeking behaviour for family violence and the role of the local public health service
Authors: Giallo, Rebecca
Kelly, Peter
Maxfield, Michael G
Payne, Ruth
Keywords: Intimate partner violence -- Help seeking behaviour -- Research;Help-seeking
ANRA Topic: Data development
ANRA Population: Rural and remote communities
Categories: ANROWS Completed Register of Active Research projects
Year: 2022
Publisher: Wiley Online Library
Abstract:  Abstract Objective The rates of family violence within some rural communities are higher than that of metropolitan areas. The extent to which these rural communities know about and access family violence support services is not well understood. Local health services often play a role in providing information and support for community members at risk of, or experiencing family violence. For a rural community in Victoria, the study aimed to: (a) determine community members' knowledge of family violence services, (b) explore community members' help seeking behaviour for family violence, (c) identify perceived barriers and enabling factors to accessing family violence services and (d) explore community members' expectations of, and preferences for, family violence support provided by local health services. Design A cross-sectional, anonymous, mixed-methods online survey. Setting A rural community in Victoria's Western District, Australia. Participants Ninety-nine residents, over 18 years of age. Results The majority of respondents had been exposed to family violence. There were varying knowledge levels of family violence support services as well as a number of barriers identified that directly impacted community members seeking help. There were clear expectations about the role of the local health service in family violence identification and response. Conclusion There are particular challenges for rural communities in providing support for family violence. Valuable insights can be gained from local communities about their knowledge of services and help seeking behaviours. Evidence generated by this study will inform future strategic planning for family violence services and the local health service.

This research was included in the ANROWS Register of Active Research (RAR). The research has concluded and the output has been added to the ANROWS library.

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Strengthening Hospital Responses to Family Violence Initiative (Barwon region)


October 2020


June 2021

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