Author Campbell, Jacquelyn C

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2016Alcohol use and latent profiles of intimate partner violenceMendoza, Natasha S; Campbell, Jacquelyn C; Messing, Jill TheresaJournal Article 
2003Assessing risk factors for intimate partner homicideCampbell, Jacquelyn C; Block, Carolyn Rebecca; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Webster, DanielElectronic publication 
2006Changing the way people think about intimate partner violence : changing public attitudes as a prevention strategy to reduce intimate partner violenceManganello, Jennifer; Campbell, Jacquelyn CJournal Article 
2005Commentary on Websdale: lethality assessment approaches: reflections on their use and ways forwardCampbell, Jacquelyn CJournal Article 
1996Cultural competence in the care of abused womenCampbell, Doris W; Campbell, Jacquelyn CJournal Article 
2001The domestic violence survivor assessment: a tool for counseling women in intimate partner violence relationshipsLandenburger, Karen; Curry, Mary Ann; Dienemann, Jacqueline; Campbell, Jacquelyn CJournal Article 
2004“He killed my mommy!”: murder or attempted murder of a child's motherMcFarlane, Judith; Lewandowski, Linda A; Campbell, Jacquelyn CJournal Article 
2004Helping women understand their risk in situations of intimate partner violenceCampbell, Jacquelyn CJournal Article 
2004An integrative review of separation in the context of victimisation: consequences and implications for womenJordan, Carol E; Campbell, Jacquelyn C; Walker, Robert; Logan, T KJournal Article 
2007Intimate partner homicide: review and implications of research and policyBloom, Tina; Sharps, Phyllis W; Glass, Nancy; Campbell, Jacquelyn C; Laughon, KathrynJournal Article 
2003Intimate partner violence and abuse among active duty military womenGarza, Mary A; Campbell, Jacquelyn C; Gielen, Andrea CarlsonJournal Article 
1986Nursing assessment for risk of homicide with battered womenCampbell, Jacquelyn CJournal Article 
2019Perceived stress and mental health: The mediating roles of social support and resilience among black women exposed to sexual violenceCataby, Christina J.; Tsuyuki, Kiyomi; Campbell, Jacquelyn C; Stockman, Jamila KReport 
2005Rationale for and development of the computerised intimate partner violence screen for primary careMcCauley, Jeanne; Ford, Daniel E; Campbell, Jacquelyn C; McNutt, Louise-Anne; Waltermaurer, EveJournal Article 
2020Recognizing and Responding to Intimate Partner Violence using Telehealth: Practical Guidance for Nurses and MidwivesRoberts Williams, Jessica; Jack, Susan M; Munro-Kramer, Michelle L.; Schminkey, Donna; Campbell, Jacquelyn C; Bradbury-Jones, Caroline; Jennings Mayo-Wilson, Larissa; Tomlinson, ElizabethJournal Article 
2016Reproductive coercion, sexual risk behaviours and mental health symptoms among young low-income behaviourally bisexual women : implications for nursing practiceCampbell, Jacquelyn C; Alexander, Kamila A; Volpe, Ellen M; Abboud, Sarah; Kirschstein, Ruth LJournal Article 
2003Risk factors for femicide in abusive relationships: results from a multisite case control studyWebster, Daniel; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Campbell, Jacquelyn CJournal Article 
2006Risk factors for femicide-suicide in abusive relationships: results from a multisite case control studyUlrich, Yvonne; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Webster, Daniel; McFarlane, Judith; Block, Carolyn Rebecca; Glass, Nancy; Campbell, Jacquelyn CJournal Article 
2021A technology-based intervention to improve safety, mental health and empowerment outcomes for immigrant women with intimate partner violence experiences: It’s weWomen plus sequential multiple assignment randomized trial (SMART) protocolGlass, Nancy; Case, James R.; Perrin, Nancy; Sabri, Bushra; Murray, Sarah; Campbell, Jacquelyn CJournal Article