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2009Advocacy interventions to reduce or eliminate violence and promote the physical and psychosocial well-being of women who experience intimate partner abuseRivas, Carol; Dunne, Danielle; Eldridge, Sandra; Hegarty, Kelsey L; Taft, Angela; Feder, Gene; Warburton, Alison; Ramsay, Jean; Carter, Yvonne; Davidson, LeslieJournal Article 
2011Barriers and facilitators of disclosures of domestic violence by mental health service users: qualitative studyHoward, Louise; Morgan, Craig; Trevillion, Kylee; Rose, Diana; Feder, GeneJournal Article 
2020Categories and health impacts of intimate partner violence in the World Health Organization multi-country study on women’s health and domestic violencePotter, Lucy C; Garcia-Moreno, Claudia; Hegarty, Kelsey L; Morris, Richard; Feder, GeneJournal Article 
2010Cost-effectiveness of a programme to detect and provide better care for female victims of intimate partner violenceFeder, Gene; Norman, Richard; Eldridge, Sandra; Spencer, AnneJournal Article 
2011Cost-effectiveness of health care interventions to address intimate partner violence: what do we know and what else should we look for?Taft, Angela J; Hegarty, Kelsey L; Gold, Lisa; Norman, Richard; Devine, Angela; Feder, GeneJournal Article 
2020“From taboo to routine”: a qualitative evaluation of a hospital-based advocacy intervention for domestic violence and abuseHalliwell, Gemma; Feder, Gene; Jones, Sue K.; Daw, Jennifer; Dheensa, SandiJournal Article 
9999“From taboo to routine”: a qualitative evaluation of a hospital-based advocacy intervention for domestic violence and abuseDheensa, Sandi; Daw, Jennifer; Halliwell, Gemma; Jones, Sue K.; Feder, GeneReport 
2021HARMONY: A pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial of a culturally competent systems intervention to prevent and reduce domestic violence among migrant and refugee families in general practice: Study protocolBoyle, Douglas; Norman, Richard; Feder, Gene; Allen, Molly; Pokharel, Bijaya; Li, Xia; Nguyen, Cattram Duong; Garcia-Moreno, Claudia; Taft, Angela; Young, Felicity; Hegarty, Kelsey L; Yelland, Jane S; Mazza, DanielleJournal Article 
2020Health practitioners' readiness to address domestic violence and abuse: A qualitative meta-synthesisHameed, Mohajer; Feder, Gene; Hegarty, Kelsey L; McKibbin, Gemma; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Hooker, Leesa; Tarzia, LauraJournal Article 
2015The health-systems response to violence against womenColombini, Manuela; Feder, Gene; Garcia-Moreno, Claudia; Hegarty, Kelsey L; d'Oliveira, Ana Flavia Lucas; Koziol-Mclain, JaneJournal Article 
2009How far does screening women for domestic (partner) violence in different health-care settings meet criteria for a screening programme? Systematic reviews of nine UK National Screening Committee criteriaBacchus, Loraine J; Norman, R; Kuntze, S; Spencer, Anne; Hague, Gill; Taket, Ann; Warbuton, Alison L; Feder, Gene; Ramsay, J; Dunne, D; Rose, M; Arsene, CJournal Article 
2011Identification and Referral to Improve Safety (IRIS) of women experiencing domestic violence with a primary care training and support programme: a cluster randomised controlled trialRamsay, Jean; Griffiths, Chris; Gregory, Alison; Howell, Annie; Johnson, Medina; Rutterford, Clare; Sharp, Debbie; Feder, Gene; Davies, Roxane Agnew; Baird, Kathleen; Dunne, Danielle; Eldridge, SandraJournal Article 
2022Identifying adverse childhood experiences with electronic health records of linked mothers and children in England: a multistage development and validation studySyed, Shabeer; Gonzalez-Izquierdo, Arturo; Allister, Janice; Feder, Gene; Li, Leah; Gilbert, RuthJournal Article 
2002Identifying domestic violence: cross sectional study in primary careRichardson, Jo; Petruckevitch, Ann; Coid, Jeremy; Feder, Gene; Moorey, Stirling; Chung, Wai ShanJournal Article 
2020Interventions in health settings for male perpetrators or victims of intimate partner violenceTarzia, Laura; Hegarty, Kelsey L; Feder, Gene; Forsdike, KirstyJournal Article 
2015Interventions to improve the response of professionals to children exposed to domestic violence and abuse : a systematic reviewHester, Marianne; Broad, Jonathan; Drinkwater, Jessica; Firth, Adam; Stanley, Nicky; Feder, Gene; Szilassy, Eszter; Turner, WilliamJournal Article 
2005Intimate partner abuse and health professionalsRoberts, Gwenneth; Hegarty, Kelsey L; Feder, GeneNon-Fiction 
2006Intimate partner abuse and health professionals : new approaches to domestic violenceHegarty, Kelsey L; Roberts, Gwenneth; Feder, GeneNon-Fiction 
2017Juggling confidentiality and safety : a qualitative study of how general practice clinicians document domestic violence in families with childrenFeder, Gene; Drinkwater, Jessica; Stanley, Nicky; Szilassy, Eszter; Larkins, Cath; Hester, MarianneJournal Article 
2021Perceptions of peer support for victim-survivors of sexual violence and abuse: An exploratory study with key stakeholdersGregory, Alison; Campbell, John; Feder, Gene; Johnson, Emma; Perot, Concetta; Konya, JuditJournal Article