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Record ID: 3a2ed153-9bc7-4c2c-adf6-5ac18f70fdaa
Type: Report
Title: “From taboo to routine”: a qualitative evaluation of a hospital-based advocacy intervention for domestic violence and abuse
Authors: Dheensa, Sandi
Daw, Jennifer
Halliwell, Gemma
Jones, Sue K.
Feder, Gene
Year: 9999
Publisher: BMC
Abstract:  Health services are often the first point of professional contact for people who have experienced domestic violence and abuse. We report on the evaluation of a multi-site, hospital-based advocacy intervention for survivors of domestic violence and abuse. Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs), who provide survivors with support around safety, criminal justice, and health and wellbeing, were located in five hospitals in England between 2012 and 2015 in emergency departments and maternity services. We present views about IDVAs’ approaches to tackling domestic violence and abuse, how the IDVA service worked in practice, and factors that hindered and facilitated engagement with survivors.

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