Author Macvean, Michelle

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2007Double jeopardy: risk assessment in the context of child maltreatment and domestic violenceFriend, Colleen; Macvean, MichelleJournal Article 
2018The Family Matters report 2018 Measuring trends to turn the tide on the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in out-of-home care in AustraliaJenkins, Brian; Braithwaite, Emma; Tilbury, Clare; Smith, Tracey; Brennan, Deborah; Parolini, Arno; Tan, Wei Wu; Macvean, Michelle; Lewis, Natalie; Burton, John; Young, Janelle; Jayakody, NadeshdaReport 
2007From culture clash to new possibilites: a harm reduction approach to family violence and child protection servicesFriend, Colleen; Macvean, Michelle; Lambert, LizJournal Article 
2008From evolving discourses to new practice approaches in domestic violence and child protective servicesMacvean, Michelle; Friend, Colleen; Lambert, LizJournal Article 
14_4_5-Landscapes-PATRICIA_F_0.pdf.jpg2015The PATRICIA Project: PAThways and Research In Collaborative Inter-Agency working : state of knowledgeHealey, Lucy; Mildon, Robyn; Humphreys, Cathy; Albers, Bianca; Macvean, Michelle; Spada-Rinaldis, Sophia; Parolini, Arno; Connolly, MarieReport 
Patricia-Scoping-Review-FINAL-0608.pdf.jpg2017The PATRICIA Project: Summary of the scoping review on interagency working between child protection, specialist domestic and family violence services, and family lawMildon, Robyn; Connolly, Marie; Albers, Bianca; Macvean, Michelle; Humphreys, Cathy; Healey, LucyBooklet 
2015Review of the evdience on knowledge translation and exchangeDevine, Ben; Wade, Catherine; Spalding, Kate; Mildon, Robyn; Falkiner, Jessica; Macvean, Michelle; Forbes, FayeReport 
ANROWS-Compass-Review-of-the-evidence-on-knowledge-translation-and-exchange-in-the-violence-against-women-field.pdf.jpg2015Review of the evidence on knowledge translation and exchange in the violence against women field : key findings and future directionsMacvean, Michelle; Spalding, Kate; Mildon, Robyn; Devine, Ben; Falkiner, Jessica; Wade, Catherine; Forbes, FayeReport