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2007Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Violence : facts and figuresNancarrow, Heather; Schmider, JoannElectronic publication 
Nancarrow-PMINOP-RR_3.pdf.jpg2020Accurately identifying the ‘person most in need of protection’ in domestic and family violence lawThomas, Kate; Modini, Tanya; Ringland, Valerie; Nancarrow, HeatherReport 
2021The association between intimate partner violence, depression and influenza-like illness experienced by pregnant women in AustraliaSilove, Derrick; Nadar, Nawal; Moussa, Batool; Hassoun, Fatima; Yousif, Mariam; Khalil, Batoul; Krishna, Yalini; Nancarrow, Heather; Fisher, Jane; Rees, Susan J; Wells, Ruth; Mohsin, MohammedJournal Article 
2021Attitudes towards gender roles and prevalence of intimate partner violence perpetrated against pregnant and postnatal women: Differences between women immigrants from conflict-affected countries and women born in AustraliaYousif, Mariam; Nancarrow, Heather; Nadar, Nawal; Klein, Louis; Hasoun, Fatima; Khalil, Batoul; Rees, Susan J; Krishna, Yalini; Hicks, Madelyn Hsiao-Rei; Mohsin, Mohammed; Silove, Derrick; Fisher, Jane; Moussa, Batool; Steel, ZacharyJournal Article 
2011Breaking the Cycle – trial integrated response to domestic and family violence in Rockhampton: client experiences and outcomesViljoen, Renette; Nancarrow, HeatherReport 
2011Breaking the cycle: trial integrated response to domestic and family violence in Rockhampton. Client experiences and outcomesViljoen, Renette; Nancarrow, HeatherReport 
2016COAG Advisory Panel on Reducing Violence against Women and their Children : Final reportNancarrow, Heather; Batty, Rosie; Australia. Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet; Lay, Ken DReport 
2011COAG’s National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children [DVD]Nancarrow, Heather; Swan, Vanessa; Lloyd, Libby; Heenan, Melanie; Cox, Dorinda; Dimopoulos, Maria; Woodbridge, Paulinedvd 
2004Cross-cultural partnerships in violence preventionViti, Pam; Weazel, Ailsa; Bradford, Michelle; Nancarrow, HeatherConference Paper 
2004Domestic and family violence database summary: 1 October 2003 - 31 May 2004Conway, Sharon; Nancarrow, HeatherJournal Article 
2008Domestic and family violence database summary: disabilityNancarrow, HeatherJournal Article 
2012DOMESTIC AND FAMILY VIOLENCE: awareness, attitudes and experiencesNancarrow, Heather; Viljoen, Renette; Hanley, ChristineReport 
2021Domestic violence law: When good intentions go awryNancarrow, Heather; Vijeyarasa, RamonaBook Chapter 
2003Domestic violence provisions are no "loophole"Nancarrow, HeatherJournal Article 
anrows-electronic-monitoring.pdf.jpg2018Electronic monitoring in the context of domestic and family violence: Report for the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-GeneralNancarrow, Heather; Modini, TanyaReport 
2007The Emergency Response to Family Violence in the Northern Territory: Where's the evidence?Nancarrow, HeatherJournal Article 
2005From the director: but what about the men?Nancarrow, HeatherJournal Article 
2010The impact of intimate partner abuse on women’s health in the Bowen Basin and Mackay region of Central Queensland, AustraliaNancarrow, Heather; Lockie, Stewart; Sharma, SanjayJournal Article 
2006In search of justice for domestic and family violence: indigenous and non-indigenous Australian women's perspectivesNancarrow, HeatherJournal Article 
2006In search of justice for domestic and family violence: Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian women's perspectivesNancarrow, HeatherJournal Article