Author Smyth, Bruce

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2007Allegations of family violence and child abuse in children's proceedings: a pre-reform empirical snapshotGray, Matthew; Weston, Ruth; Richardson, Nick; Smyth, Bruce; Qu, Lixia; Moloney, LawrenceJournal Article 
2007Allegations of family violence and child abuse in family law children's proceedings : a pre-reform exploratory studyResearch report (Australian Institute of Family Studies)Smyth, Bruce; Richardson, Nick; Weston, Ruth; Moloney, Lawrie; Gray, Matthew; Qu, LixiaReport 
2007Allegations of family violence and child abuse in family law children's proceedings : key findings of Australian Institute of Family Studies Research Report No. 15Smyth, Bruce; Qu, Lixia; Richardson, Nicholas; Moloney, Lawrie; Weston, Ruth; Gray, MatthewJournal Article 
2004The attitudes of separated mothers and fathers to 50/50 shared careSmyth, Bruce; Weston, RuthJournal Article 
2011Caring for children after parental separation : would legislation for shared parenting time help children?Smyth, Bruce; Roberts, Ceridwen; Maclean, Mavis; Fehlberg, BelindaJournal Article 
2011Legislating for shared time parenting after separation: a research reviewRoberts, Ceridwen; Fehlberg, Belinda; Maclean, Mavis; Smyth, BruceJournal Article 
2020Mothers’ understandings of ‘home’ after relationship separation and divorceCampo, Monica; Smyth, Bruce; Natalier, Kristin; Fehlberg, BelindaJournal Article 
2001Patterns of parenting after divorce: a pre-Reform Act benchmark studySheehan, Grania; Fehlberg, Belinda; Smyth, BruceJournal Article 
2010Post-separation parenting arrangements and developmental outcomes for infants and children : collected reportsSmyth, Bruce; Long, Caroline; Wells, Yvonne; Kelaher, Margaret; McIntosh, JenniferReport 
2011Relocation disputes in separated families prior to the 2006 reforms: an empirical studySmyth, Bruce; Behrens, Juliet; Kaspiew, RaeJournal Article 
2000Spousal violence and post-separation financial outcomesSheehan, Grania; Smyth, BruceJournal Article 
2016Understanding parenting disputes after separationRichardson, Nick; Capper, Sally; Moloney, Lawrie; Smyth, BruceReport