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Type: Journal Article
Title: Exploring rural and regional social workers’ perceptions and practices of technology-facilitated domestic abuse
Authors: Williams, Samantha Rose
Vassos, Sevi
Afrouz, Rojan
ANRA Topic: Technology-facilitated abuse
Health, primary care and specialist service responses
Categories: ANROWS Completed Register of Active Research projects
Year: 2021
Abstract:  Technology-facilitated domestic abuse is an insidious form of intimate partner violence with widespread impact on women, children, and communities. Yet little is known about how family violence practitioners respond to technology-facilitated domestic abuse, particularly in rural and regional contexts. This article reports on a small-scale qualitative study exploring technology-facilitated domestic abuse—related practice experiences of seven female-identifying social workers practising within regional Victorian family violence services. The study identifies that technology-facilitated domestic abuse is often nebulous and immune to available legal and social support remedies. The study findings invariably point to fundamental flaws in the policy and legal structures that shape family violence services. IMPLICATIONS Additional research that employs a mixed-method approach and a larger sample would enable a more comprehensive exploration of the prevalence, patterns, nature, and consequences of technology-facilitated domestic abuse. Family violence policies, legislation, and practice responses need to evolve in ways that better target technology-facilitated domestic abuse and its impact on women, children, and communities.The systematic review and evidence-informed development of professional training is needed for front-line workers to feel confident to address technology-facilitated domestic abuse.

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July 2021


June 2022

ISSN: 0312-407X
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