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Record ID: 6784b0bd-534e-4992-aaac-22f5bd3b049a
Type: Journal Article
Title: Qualitative metasynthesis : issues and techniques
Authors: Docherty, Sharron
Sandelowski, Margarete
Emden, Carolyn
Keywords: Research;Qualitative methods;Research methodology
Year: 1997
Citation: Vol. 20 ; pp. 365-371
Abstract:  "There has been an accumulation of qualitative studies in recent years, but little cumulation of the understandings gained from them. Qualitative research appears endangered both by efforts to synthesize studies and by the failure to do so. Techniques used have included reciprocal translations of key metaphors and concepts and qualitative and quantitative comparative
analyses to produce narrative and theoretical integrations. The major problem yet to be resolved is developing usable and communicable systematic approaches to conducting
metasynthesis projects that maintain the integrity of individual studies."
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