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Record ID: 384e78cf-ec51-43de-b723-90e8915c679e
Type: Journal Article
Title: Sexual harassment at work: A leadership problem
Authors: McEwen, Celina
Rhodes, Carl
Pullen, Alison
Keywords: Workplaces;Sexual harassment
ANRA Topic: Sexual violence and sexual harassment
ANRA Population: General population
Year: 2021
Publisher: SciELO
Citation: Volume 61 Issue 2
Abstract:  Sexual violence against women in the workplace remains rife and poorly addressed. Sexual harassment is often perpetrated by leaders, managers, or supervisors as the result of abusive power relations. Recognising and addressing the cultural tolerance for sexual violence in organizations and society is one of the steps in addressing this issue. In this paper, we argue that violence is normalised through leadership practices. We suggest that leadership against sexual harassment is essential for organizational redress.
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