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Record ID: bddc8025-b641-4cde-9d29-e26b12df601e
Type: Booklet
Title: Naming violence against women in our church communities : sexual harassment, incest, rape and other forms of violence : women are speaking out
Authors: This booklet is a project of the Victorian Council of Churches' Commission : Churches in Solidarity with Women
Keywords: Client resources;Community education;Religious groups;Sexual assault
Year: 1992
Publisher: Victorian Council of Churches
Notes:  This booklet seeks to explain what is violence against women, the forms it takes and discusses some common myths about violence against women. It uses illustrations taken from a church community context and gives practical examples of how the church community can work for change. Included are contact details for Victorian Sexual Assault Centres and other appropriate agencies.
ISBN: 9780858211254
Physical description: 31 p. : col. ill. ; 15 cm
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