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Type: Report
Title: Advocacy for safety and empowerment: State of knowledge paper
Authors: O'Leary, Cath
Putt, Judy
Holder, Robyn
Keywords: Women;Abuse;Service provision;Abused women - Australia;Aboriginal Australians;Violence against women
ANRA Population: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities
Categories: ANROWS Publications
Year: 2015
Publisher: ANROWS
Citation: Issue 09/2015
Abstract:  This paper analyses critical, policy, service and research literature on responses to Aboriginal women experiencing family and domestic violence in Australia; focusing on non-legal and non-clinical services and women’s specialist services in regional and remote settings.
It considers:

critical writing, analysis and representation by Aboriginal women on family and domestic violence;
literature on the evolution of responses to Aboriginal women experiencing family and domestic violence; and
participatory research methods and how they can further open the ground for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women to debate ways of challenging violence and enable Aboriginal women to live violence-free.
As a critical review, the paper highlights problems in using ideas of “effectiveness” and “success” to drive objectives in service delivery; and seeks to re-centre aspirations for empowerment alongside those for safety.

Suggested citation:
Holder, R., Putt, J., & O;Leary, C. (2015). Advocacy for safety and empowerment: State of knowledge paper (ANROWS Landscapes, 09/2015). Sydney, NSW: ANROWS.

ISBN: 978-1-925372-08-3
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