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Type: Report
Title: Domestic and family violence and parenting : mixed method insights into impact and support needs: Final report
Authors: Carson, Rachel
Humphreys, Cathy
Diemer, Kristin
Nguyen, Cattram D
Buchanan, Fiona
Hooker, Leesa
Taft, Angela
Westrupp, Elizabeth M
Cooklin, Amanda R
Dunstan, Jessie
Kaspiew, Rae
Horsfall, Briony
Qu, Lixia
Nicholson, Jan M
Keywords: Mothering;Children;Australia;Violence against women;Service provision;Parenting;Family violence;Domestic violence;Families
Categories: ANROWS Publications
Year: 2017
Publisher: ANROWS
Citation: Issue 04/2017

This multi-method project makes a unique contribution by bringing together evidence on a diversity of Australian populations, life-course stages, and experiences of IPC and DFV. Each study component provides a different perspective on the examination of parenting in the context of family violence. The research captures the experiences and impacts on fathers, mothers, and children at varying ages and stages of development and independence. This has enabled identification of important issues that are shared or differ across gender and family structure. The results illustrate the impacts of IPC and DFV that affect a large number of families, as well as the experiences of those who have undergone highly challenging and traumatic circumstances.

Suggested citation:
Kaspiew, R., Horsfall, B., Qu, L., Nicholson, J. M., Humphreys, C., Diemer, K., … Dunstan, J. (2017). Domestic and family violence and parenting: Mixed method insights into impact and support needs: Final report (ANROWS Horizons 04/2017). Sydney: ANROWS.

ISBN: 9781925372595
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