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Type: Report Section
Title: It could be you : female, single, older and homeless
Authors: McFerran, Ludo
Keywords: Housing;Older people
Year: 2010
Publisher: Office for Women’s Policy, Department of Premier and Cabinet and the St Vincent de Paul Society
Notes:  Support was provided by the Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse.
General Overview: This report documents a collaborative project which sought to interrogate the experience of older women and the reflection of that experience in policy. The study was prompted by evidence of increasing numbers of older women entering for the first time the homeless population, and the concern of the homeless service system that demand could not be met. The project sought an inclusive homelessness definition, and to build a more robust knowledge base through which to inform policy and service delivery to this group.

To put the experience of these older women into context the study examined the evidence of the combined impact of housing trends affected by changing demographics, the impact of ageing, and entrenched financial disadvantage on women. Combined with the qualitative evidence from the thirty one homeless older women, the study concluded that being female, older, and single is to be at housing risk.
ISBN: 9780975199459
Physical description: 52 p.
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