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Record ID: e9c85b9b-db68-4aff-bf21-26252bea9e3e
Type: Report
Title: Report on batterers' programmes : to the New South Wales Domestic Violence Committee
Authors: McFerran, Ludo
Keywords: Policy;Criminal justice responses;Informal responses;Advocacy;Perpetrators;Perpetrator programs
Year: 1989
Publisher: [The Committee?]
Notes:  In the 1980s, there was a growing movement internationally and within Australia to explore ways to engage with male perpetrators of violence around changing their behaviour through educational and therapeutic programs. During that time, the NSW Domestic Violence Committee commissioned this report to explore options for developing counselling programs for violent men and to make recommendations regarding the development, implementation and evaluation of a pilot program. The report first presents an overview and key issues of existing approaches in Australia and internationally to male perpetrator counselling programs. This is followed by an examination of services in NSW at the time. The final section of the report considers other significant issues related to addressing domestic violence at the time beyond perpetrator programs.
Physical description: vi, 61 p., [4] leaves : ill. ; 30 cm.
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