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Type: Report
Title: Costs of domestic violenceNSW domestic violence strategic plan
Authors: Leonard, Helen
Cox, Eva
Keywords: Economic costs
Year: 1991
Publisher: NSW Women's Co-ordination Unit
Notes:  Report commissioned by the Women's Coordination Unit as part of the NSW Domestic Violence Strategic Plan to inform policy and resource allocation. Estimated the economic cost and consequences of domestic violence for NSW at 1524.82 million dollars. Researchers examined costs according to women's acknowledgement of the problem and the services they use. Accordingly, three stages were identified: 1) Non- acknowledgment and non-disclosure, 2) Acknowledgement and help seeking, and 3) Building an alternative life. The report deals primarily with costs and numbers for Stage Two as this is the most counted and serviced area. The population of women accessing and utilising services at each stage was calculated on police callout, refuge and social security data. Results indicated that most costs were borne by women themselves ($800 million) through medical costs and lost income, with $400 million in direct costs to government by provision of services such as housing, health, court and legal systems, child welfare and family support programmes. Approximately $320 million was calculated as indirect costs to employers as a consequence of decreased productivity and absenteeism. Researchers acknowledge some methodological problems in calculating cost which include the absence of any Australian benchmark data to determine the population of those experiencing domestic violence and that cost estimates were based on limited data. Due to non-disclosure rates, authors assert that figures obtained are, at best, a conservative estimate.
ISBN: 9780730587774
Physical description: 36 p. ; 30 cm.
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