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Type: Report
Title: Improved accountability: The role of perpetrator intervention systems
Authors: Wilkes-Gillan, Sarah
Green, Damian
Pracilio, Amy
Young, Amy
Gore, Ashlee
Watts, Lynelle
Speyer, Renee
Bissett, Tallace
Anderson, Sarah
Mahoney, Natasha
Chung, Donna
Upton-Davis, Karen
Cordier, Reinie
Campbell, Elena
Wong, Tim
Salter, Michael
Austen, Siobhan
O'Leary, Patrick
Breckenridge, Jan
Vlais, Rodney
Keywords: Women -- Violence against -- Australia -- Prevention;Family violence -- Australia -- Prevention;Abusive men -- Services for -- Research
ANRA Topic: Perpetrator interventions
Policing and legal responses
Categories: ANROWS Publications
Year: 2020
Publisher: ANROWS
Citation: Issue 20/2020

This report addresses work covered in the ANROWS research project PI.17.01 "Improved accountability – the role of perpetrator intervention systems". Please consult the ANROWS website for more information on this project.
ANROWS research contributes to the six National Outcomes of the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010–2022. This research addresses National Plan Outcome 6Perpetrators stop their violence and are held to account.

Suggested citation:
Chung, D., Upton-Davis, K., Cordier, R., Campbell, E., Wong, T., Salter, M. ... Bissett, T. (2020). Improved accountability: The role of perpetrator intervention systems (Research report, 20/2020). Sydney: ANROWS

ISBN: 978-1-925925-48-7
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