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Record ID: 80a487dd-a7b9-4d47-8bba-bd88e25f8bdf
Type: Report
Title: Community attitudes towards domestic violence in Australia : social survey report
Authors: Public Policy Research Centre
Keywords: Community attitudes
Year: 1988
Publisher: Public Policy Research Centre
Notes:  Cover title: Domestic violence attitude survey
At head of title: Australian Government, Office of the Status of Women
Social survey report commissioned by the Office of the Status of Women and carried out by the Public Policy Research Centre.
Contents:  1: Executive summary
2: Introduction
3: Research objectives
4: Survey methodology
5: Domestic violence as an issue
6: Nature of domestic violence
7: Justification for domestic violence
8: Reaction to domestic violence
9: Analysis of attitudes
10: Attitudinal clusters
11: Discussion
Physical description: 34 p. ; 30 cm.
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