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Type: Report
Title: "I just couldn't stop them". Western Australian children living with domestic violence : a study of the children's experiences experiences and service provision
Authors: Blanchard, Anne
Brown, Lorraine
Molloy, Frank
Keywords: Impact on children and young people
Year: 1992
Publisher: The School, [Bentley
Notes:  Data on the effects of domestic violence on children and the perceived adequacy of services were collected from 56 service providers in Perth. Eighteen children aged 6 to 15 participated in non-directive, unstructured interviews. Difficulties in recruiting children for the study are described. The interview material graphically describes, often in the children's own words, the nature of the violence witnessed; the children's feelings and reactions; the longer term impacts on their lives; the supports used and the supports they thought would assist. Six children were hit by their father while attempting to defend their mother or stop the violence; four were regularly severely physically abused; and three suffered repeated verbal abuse. All but two of the children said that the violence affected their school performance. Mothers and sympathetic neighbours were identified by the children as sources of support. Includes a review of the literature and recommendations for service development.
Contents:  1: Abstract
2: Summary of findings
3: Focus of study and literature review
4: Methodology
5: Findings - 5.1: Interviews with children
5.2: Questionnaires for children's workers
5.3: Services available for children as secondary victims of domestic violence
5.4: Analysis of findings
6: Conclusions and recommendations
7: References
8: Appendices - 1: Children's background data
2: Questionnaire findings
3: Questionnaire
4: Data schedule, children's interviews
5: Interview consent form.
ISBN: 9780646113029
Physical description: 41 p.
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