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Record ID: a9253269-7b80-4f84-b8fd-2537a557eadc
Type: Report
Title: Beyond these walls
Authors: Matchett, Ruth
Keywords: Indigenous issues;Policy;Legal issues;Policing;Housing;Prevention;CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse);Impact on children and young people;Criminal justice responses;Overview
ANRA Topic: Policing and legal responses
Year: 1988
Publisher: Dept. of Family Services
Notes:  Chairperson: Ruth Matchett
Documents the activities of the Queensland Domestic Violence Task Force, its conclusions concerning the nature of domestic violence, and its recommendations for the prevention and amelioration of the problem in that State. The Task Force was appointed by the Queensland Government in September 1987 to investigate the problem of domestic violence and to recommend ways in which the phenomenon could be curtailed or prevented, and those affected assisted most effectively.
Contents:  Ch.1: Investigating the issue
Ch.2: Domestic violence: the problem
Ch.3: The victims
Ch.4: The perpetrators
Ch.5: The effects upon children
Ch.6: Policing domestic violence
Ch.7: The law and domestic violence
Ch.8: The human service response
Ch.9: Housing
Ch.10: Health services
Ch.11: Groups with special needs
Ch.12: Community awareness
Ch.13: Other initiatives
Ch.14: Conclusions
ISBN: 9780724232505
Physical description: xxiii, 545 p. : ill. ; 30 cm
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