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Type: Report
Title: Evaluation capacity building in the Respect, Responsibility and Equality program : report on stage 1 (2008-2010)
Authors: Flood, Michael
Keywords: Training;Community education;Community development;Prevention
Year: 2013
Publisher: Victorian Health Promotion Foundation
Notes:  This report, commissioned by Vic Health (the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation), reviews VicHealth's efforts to encourage evaluation skills amongst workers in five local projects aimed at preventing violence against women, so that they can evaluate their own work. The report covers the period from September 2008 to February 2010. A companion report written by Dr Wei Leng Kwok covers the period from February 2010 to August 2011.

* Empowerment evaluation , which aims to empower local stakeholders to build capacity to improve their programs.
The report also outlines: the methods by which VicHealth engaged in evaluation capacity building with five of its violence against women prevention projects; the achievements of VicHealth's efforts at building evaluation capacity; and the limitations of VicHealth's efforts.
Physical description: 51 p.
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