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Type: Report
Title: Re-examining 'battering' : are all acts of violence against intimate partners the same?
Authors: Dasgupta, Shamita Das
Pence, Ellen
Keywords: Theories of violence;Perpetrators
Year: 2006
Publisher: Praxix International, Duluth
Notes:  This US paper differentiates between the various types of violence that occurs between intimate partners and to question the 'one size fits all' use of the term 'battering' to cover all types of intimate partner violence (IPV).

Based on fifteen years of interviews in different American cities, the authors have developed a typology of IPV violence, which they discuss here. The aim of this typology and research is to more effectively develop, target and deliver different intervention programs and batterer programs.

The five categories of domestic violence, their underlying psychological and social dimensions, and their manifestations, effects and possible effective interventions are each discussed at length. They are:

* Anti-social violence
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