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Type: Report
Title: Rante-rante ampe Marle and Urreye: Implications for policy and practice
Authors: Homan, Sarah
Leung, Loksee
Simpson, Carmel
Brown, Chay
Keywords: Evaluations
ANRA Topic: Health, primary care and specialist service responses
ANRA Population: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities
Categories: ANROWS Publications
Year: 2021
Publisher: ANROWS
Citation: November 2021

This resource is a high level summary of the research report Rante-rante ampe Marle and Urreye “Safe, Respected and Free from Violence” projects evaluation including key findings and recommendations for policy and practice.

The evaluation of two primary prevention projects in the Northern Territory by Dr Chay Brown and her colleagues at the Equality Institute and Tangentyere Council Aboriginal Corporation provides insights into what works to reduce violence against women. This short summary includes background information as well as highlighting key findings and implications for policy makers and practitioners.

This publication provides a high level introduction to the evaluation project and is designed to support practitioners, policy makers and program designed to gain a quick insight into research report.

Suggested citation
Brown, C., Homan, S., Simpson, C., & Leung, L. (2021). Rante-rante ampe Marle and Urreye: Implications for policy and practice (Research to policy and practice, November 2021). ANROWS.

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