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Type: Report
Title: Redefining an isolated incident : femicide census, profiles of women killed by men
Authors: Brennan, Deirdre
Keywords: United Kingdom;Homicide;Statistics;Violence against women
Year: 2016
Notes:  "Femicide is generally defined as the killing of women because they are women, though
some definitions include any killing of women or girls. Femicide has been identified globally
as a leading cause of premature death for women, yet there is limited research on this issue.
The Global Study on Homicide in 2011 indicated that whilst there had been a decrease
in the number of homicides worldwide, there had been an increase in the number
of femicides.

In December 2013, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on femicide, urging Member States to undertake the gender-related killing of women and girls, including the need to enhance data collection and analysis. The recent report by the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women (SRVAW) to the UN General Assembly noted that the UN and its Member States have repeatedly concluded that the comparability and availability of data is key to defining and understanding femicide, and its manifestations, causes and consequences.

The SRVAW cited the UK's Femicide Census in her report as a laudable example of best practice in this regard, and recommends that States "collect and publish data on femicides and on other forms of violence against women (VAW) and establish Femicide watch or observatories on VAW with such functions."
Excerpt from Executive Summary
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