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Type: Report
Title: Bringing them home 20 years on : an action plan for healing
Authors: Tilton, Edward
Anderson, Pat
Keywords: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities;Policies;Government;Indigenous communities;Intergenerational;Trauma;Aboriginal Australians
ANRA Population: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities
Year: 2017
Publisher: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation
Notes:  Twenty years after the Bringing Them Home report, this publication reviews the implementation status of the original recommendations and makes three key recommendations of its own:
1 A comprehensive assessment of the contemporary and emerging needs of
Stolen Generations members, including needs-based funding and a financial
redress scheme.
2 A national study into intergenerational trauma to ensure that there is real
change for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the future.
3 An appropriate policy response that is based on the principles underlying the
1997 Bringing Them Home report.
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