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Type: Video
Title: Violence against women and their children : what the data can tell us
Authors: 1800RESPECT
Cox, Peta
Keywords: Statistical Analysis;Australia;Violence against women;Safety;Statistics
Year: 2016
Publisher: ANROWS
Notes:  Based on ANROWS resarch project RP.14.08 - Prevalence and characteristics of violence against women. Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey 2012

This ANROWS research project provides substantial additional analysis of data collected in the Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) 2012 Personal Safety Survey (PSS).

This webinar discusses the analysis of the ABS survey and is in four parts:
- What data are we talking about?
- Do men and women experience different violence?
- Partner violence : how often does it happen? What happens? What happens afterwards?
- What help can ANROWS provide?
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