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Type: Report
Title: The extent, nature and impact of family, domestic, and sexual violence (FDSV) against women in the Australian sex industry: A state of knowledge paper
Authors: Hirsch, Rachel
Keywords: sex industry
ANRA Topic: Sexual violence and sexual harassment
ANRA Population: Populations: Other
Categories: Understanding victimisation and perpetration, and their impacts
Year: 2022
Publisher: Project Respect

This report presents an overview and synthesis of published research and data currently available on violence against women in the sex industry in Australia. In order to respond effectively to the differing needs of this diverse cohort of women, this report presents an integrative literature review on the particular contexts and types of violence experienced by women in the sex industry; its impact on women with diverse experiences and identities; and the way in which it is treated (or not) by justice and support services. This report includes journal articles, as well as government and nongovernment reports, that examine and consider the following questions:

1. What is known about violence against women in the Australian sex industry, including culturally and linguistically diverse migrant women?

2. What factors impact the capacity of women in the Australian sex industry to engage with police, justice, and specialist response services?

3. What are the dynamics, risk factors, and impacts of violence against women in the sex industry at the intersection of family, domestic, and sexual violence?

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