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Type: Video
Title: Police body-worn cameras in domestic and family violence responses: Merits, risks and impacts [webinar]
Authors: Iliadis, Mary
Pfitzner, Naomi
Harris, Bridget
Keywords: police body-worn cameras
Year: 2022
Publisher: Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre
Deakin Network Against Gendered Violence
Abstract:  Body-worn cameras (BWCs) have been promoted internationally to enhance responses to domestic and family violence (DFV). When used in the context of DFV, BWC footage may strengthen evidential cases and prosecutions. However, little is known about their utility, benefits, and limitations in DFV incidents and legal proceedings. This presentation addresses the benefits, risks and impacts of BWC use, and outlines implications for their use in DFV cases, including the need for trauma-informed training among police responders.
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