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Type: Generic
Title: Pathways to safety : an interview about Indigenous family violence with Pam Greer, Indigenous Training and Development Consultant
Authors: Laing, Lesley
Greer, Pam
Keywords: Abuse;Personal stories;Aboriginal Australians;Children
Year: 2001
Notes:  In this interview, Pam Greer talks about her experiences over 18 years of working in the area of Indigenous family violence. She is currently engaged in running core domestic violence, child sexual assault and adult sexual assault training workshops for the New South Wales Education Centre Against Violence. She reflects on changes in ways of dealing with Indigenous family violence, landmark events in this area, the contribution of feminism, her work with communities in the Northern Territory, similarities and differences between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal women who are victims of violence, barriers to ending violence against Aboriginal women and children, consultation with Aboriginal communities, and whether she sees a place for other approaches, such as mediation, restorative justice, or customary law approaches to the problem of Indigenous family violence. She is not in favour of alternative approaches, on the whole, seeing these as favouring the perpetrator rather than the victim.
Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse Issues Paper, no. 5 2001; 1-16. bibl, port
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