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Type: Report
Title: Domestic violence and communication technology: Survivor experiences of intrusion, surveillance, and identity crime
Authors: Salter, Michael
Dragiewicz, Molly
Harris, Bridget
Woodlock, Delanie
Easton, Helen
Milne, Lulu
Leach, Jhan
Campbell, Helen
Lynch, Angela
Keywords: Technology-facilitated abuse
Year: 2019
Publisher: Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

The research investigated how domestic violence perpetrators intrude on victim’s lives via unwanted contact, unauthorised access to telecommunications accounts and devices, and identity theft in Australia. Domestic violence (DV) victims comprise a large group of vulnerable consumers whose rights, privacy, and security are compromised when telecommunication services and devices are misused. Access to safe and secure information communication services are essential for victims’ social engagement and information and help-seeking. This research addresses a knowledge deficit in this area and identifies future industry, platform, and state research, regulation, and prevention initiatives to improve telecommunication outcomes for victims.

ISBN: 9781921974595
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