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Type: Report
Title: Development of the ANROWS Instrument for assessing Risk of bias in quantitative Impact Studies (ANROWS-IRIS): Technical report
Authors: Hine, Lorelei
Higginson, Angela
Eggins, Elizabeth
Bell, Charlotte
Watt, Elizabeth
Institutional author: ANROWS
Keywords: Violence against women
ANRA Topic: Data development
Drivers of violence against women
Sexual violence and sexual harassment
Technology-facilitated abuse
ANRA Population: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities
Culturally and linguistically diverse communities
General population
LGBTQ communities
Older women
People with disability
Rural and remote communities
Women who have been incarcerated
Year: 2023
Publisher: ANROWS
Abstract:  The “What Works” project evolved to the ANROWS Evidence Portal, an online resource which allows users to search quickly and easily for information about what might work to address or end violence against women (VAW) in high-income countries like Australia. The Evidence Portal can be thought of as both a curated database – containing only references to impact evaluations of interventions to end violence against women – and a specialised search engine, which allows you to search for information using filters and tools designed for the VAW sector.
Contents:  Executive summary 1 Introduction 2 Development of the ANROWS-IRIS 4 Scanning 4 Identification 5 Design 5 Evaluation 5 Adaptation 5 ANROWS-IRIS risk of bias domains 6 Domain 1: Study design 6 Domain 2: Selection bias 7 Domain 3: Confounders 8 Domain 4: Data collection methods 8 Domain 5: Withdrawals and drop-outs 9 Domain 6: Intervention integrity and fidelity 9 Overall risk of bias rating 10 Interrater reliability 11 Summary 12 Directions for future research and implications for policy 13 References 14
Ref Id: EP.23.2/1
Physical description: 22p.
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