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Chung-RR-Improved-Accountability.pdf.jpg2020Improved accountability: The role of perpetrator intervention systemsWilkes-Gillan, Sarah; Green, Damian; Pracilio, Amy; Young, Amy; Gore, Ashlee; Watts, Lynelle; Speyer, Renee; Bissett, Tallace; Anderson, Sarah; Mahoney, Natasha; Chung, Donna; Upton-Davis, Karen; Cordier, Reinie; Campbell, Elena; Wong, Tim; Salter, Michael; Austen, Siobhan; O'Leary, Patrick; Breckenridge, Jan; Vlais, RodneyReport
16_4_1-Legal-WEB_FINAL_0-1.pdf.jpg2015Domestic and family violence protection orders in Australia : an investigation of information sharing and enforcement: State of knowledge paperTaylor, Annabel; Finn, Katarina; Wakefield, Shellee; Ibrahim, NadaReport
2022Stronger Together: Study snapshotMcGowan, Jasmine; Pfitzner, Naomi; Meyer, Silke; Helps, NicolaReport
2022Criminalising Gender Diversity: Trans and Gender Diverse People’s Experiences with the Victorian Criminal Legal SystemMcCrory, Adrien; Appleton, Brenda; Mitchell, Matthew; Skaburskis, IsabelleJournal Article
2022Professional stakeholders' views of the Family Violence Act 2016 (ACT): Has law reform achieved its primary aims?Easteal, Patricia; Dodd, Shannon; Bartels, LoranaJournal Article
2016Do We Need a Specific Domestic Violence Offence?Douglas, HeatherJournal Article
2011Submission to the Victorian Government in response to the discussion paper on proposed ‘failure to protect’ laws’Victorian Family Violence Justice Reform CampaignSubmission
2020The views of Australian judicial officers on domestic and family violence perpetrator interventionsMaher, JaneMaree; Thomas, Kate; Fitz-Gibbon, Kate; Pfitzner, Naomi; Burley, Jessica; McCulloch, Jude; McGowan, JasmineReport
2006A judicial checklist for children and youth exposed to violenceNational Council of Juvenile and Family Court JudgesReport
2022Stronger together: Saadiya's case studyMcGowan, Jasmine; Pfitzner, Naomi; Meyer, Silke; Helps, NicolaReport