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2021Violence-related deaths among people released from incarceration: protocol for a systematic reviewWilloughby, Melissa; Borschmann, Rohan; Spittal, Matthew J.; Young, Jesse T.; Kinner, Stuart A.; Janca, Emilia K.Journal Article
2023The Australian National Research Agenda to End Violence against Women and Children (ANRA) 2023–2028Lloyd, Jane; Dembele, Lula; Dawes, Cassandra; Jane, Sarah; MacMillan, Lucy; ANROWSReport
2022Equality before the Law Bench BookMurphy, Anne; Judicial Commission of New South Wales; Lumley, KateReport
2022Interventions to reduce suicidal thoughts and behaviours among people in contact with the criminal justice system: A global systematic reviewKinner, Stuart A.; Carter, Annie; Butler, Amanda; Willoughby, Melissa; Janca, Emilia K.; Southalan, Louise; Borschmann, Rohan; Fazel, SeenaJournal Article
2020Violence-related deaths among people released from prison: A data linkage studySpittal, Matthew J.; Tibble, Holly; Borschmann, Rohan; Willoughby, Melissa; Kinner, Stuart A.Journal Article
2022National domestic and family violence bench bookDouglas, Heather; Ehler, Hannahbook
2021Violence-related deaths among people released from incarceration: systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studiesJanca, Emilia K.; Willoughby, Melissa; Young, Jesse T.; Spittal, Matthew J.; Borschmann, RohanJournal Article
2021‘It’s a gendered Issue, 100 per cent’: How tough bail laws entrench gender and racial inequality and social disadvantageRussell, Emma K.; Tyson, Danielle; Carlton, BreeJournal Article
2018The Domestic Violence Protection Order System as Entry to the Criminal Justice System for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PeopleFitzgerald, Robin; Douglas, HeatherJournal Article
2021Violence-related morbidity among people released from prison in Australia: A data linkage studyYoung, Jesse T.; Spittal, Matthew J.; Willoughby, Melissa; Keen, Claire; Kinner, Stuart A.; Janca, Emilia K.; Borschmann, RohanJournal Article