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2021Adapting service delivery during COVID-19: Experiences of domestic violence practitionersvalentine, kylie; Cullen, Patricia; Breckenridge, Jan; Cortis, Natasha; Smyth, CiaraJournal Article 
1999The case of the too hard basket : investigating the connections between 'ethnicity', 'culture' and 'access' to sexual assault servicesBreckenridge, Jan; Laing, Lesley; Suchting, MailinBook Chapter 
1999Child protection: does community matter?Vinson, Tony; Baldry, Eileen; Laing, Lesley; Breckenridge, JanBook Chapter 
2018Child sexual abuse : socio-legal intersections of practiceBreckenridge, Jan; Salter, MichaelBook Chapter 
1999A comprehensive approach: the family safety model with domestic violenceShaw, Elisabeth; Pye, Sheena; Bouris, Akivra; Breckenridge, Jan; Laing, LesleyBook Chapter 
2021COVID-19 lockdowns, intimate partner violence and coercive controlCullen, Patricia; Cortis, Natasha; Breckenridge, Jan; Smyth, Ciara; valentine, kylieJournal Article 
2006Domestic Violence and Children with Disabilities: Working Towards Enhancing Social Work PracticeBaldry, Eileen; Breckenridge, Jan; Bratel, JoanJournal Article 
2020Economic abuse as an invisible form of domestic violence : a multicountry reviewBreckenridge, Jan; Hoge, Gretchen L; Chung, Donna; Sharp-Jeffs, Nicola; Postmus, Judy LJournal Article 
2020Economic Abuse as an Invisible Form of Domestic Violence: A Multicountry ReviewPostmus, Judy L.; Hoge, Gretchen L; Breckenridge, Jan; Sharp-Jeffs, Nicola; Chung, DonnaJournal Article 
1800RESPECT-Evaluation_20200219-wp-4496.pdf.jpg2020Evaluation of 1800RESPECT – Final ReportCortis, Natasha; Giuntoli, Gianfranco; Smyth, Ciara; Cama, Elena; valentine, kylie; Breckenridge, JanReport 
Evaluation_of_the_technology_trial_Keeping_Women_Safe_in_Their_Homes_.pdf.jpg2019Evaluation of the technology trial (Keeping Women Safe in Their Homes)Jops, Paula; valentine, kylie; Broady, Timothy; Gendera, Sandra; Breckenridge, JanReport 
1999Having her day in court?: violence, legal remedies and consentLaing, Lesley; Breckenridge, Jan; Hunter, RosemaryBook Chapter 
2002The impact of mother’s own history of child sexual assault in their child’s therapy – help or hindrance?Breckenridge, Jan; Davidson, JaneConference Paper 
Chung-RR-Improved-Accountability.pdf.jpg2020Improved accountability: The role of perpetrator intervention systemsWilkes-Gillan, Sarah; Green, Damian; Pracilio, Amy; Young, Amy; Gore, Ashlee; Watts, Lynelle; Speyer, Renee; Bissett, Tallace; Anderson, Sarah; Mahoney, Natasha; Chung, Donna; Upton-Davis, Karen; Cordier, Reinie; Campbell, Elena; Wong, Tim; Salter, Michael; Austen, Siobhan; O'Leary, Patrick; Breckenridge, Jan; Vlais, RodneyReport 
2018Is gender important? Victimisation and perpetration of intimate partner violence in mainland ChinaYang, Ting; Poon, Abner Weng Cheong; Breckenridge, JanJournal Article 
2007Leaving violent relationships and avoiding homelessness – providing a choice for women and their childrenMulroney, Jane; Breckenridge, JanJournal Article 
H4_3_2_IRME_WEB-270616-1.pdf.jpg2016Meta-evaluation of existing interagency partnerships, collaboration, coordination and/or integrated interventions and service responses to violence against women : final reportMurray, Samantha; Breckenridge, Jan; Rees, Susan; valentine, kylieReport 
C2_4_2-IRME-WEB-1.pdf.jpg2014Meta-evaluation of existing interagency partnerships, collaboration, coordination and/or integrated interventions and service responses to violence against women : Key findings and future directionsRees, Susan; Murray, Samantha; valentine, kylie; Breckenridge, JanReport 
Integrated-Responses-Meta-Evaluation-Landscapes-State-of-knowledge-Issue-Eleven-1.pdf.jpg2015Meta-evaluation of existing interagency partnerships, collaboration, coordination and/or integrated interventions and service responses to violence against women: State of knowledge paperRees, Susan; Breckenridge, Jan; Murray, Samantha; valentine, kylieReport 
Safe-at-home-meta-evaluation-final-report-1.pdf.jpg2016National mapping and meta-evaluation outlining key features of effective "safe at home" programs that enhance safety and prevent homelessness for women and their children who have experienced domestic violence : final reportChung, Donna; Zufferey, Carole; Spinney, Angela; Breckenridge, JanReport