Author Koziol-Mclain, Jane

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2003Assessing risk factors for intimate partner homicideCampbell, Jacquelyn C; Block, Carolyn Rebecca; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Webster, DanielElectronic publication 
2016Deciding to tell : qualitative configurational analysis of decisions to disclosse experience of intimate partner violence in antenatal careZwi, Anthony B; Frail, Mary-Anne; Spangaro, Jo; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Rutherford, Alison; Ruane, JenniferJournal Article 
2018Efficacy of a web-based safety decision aid for women experiencing intimate partner violence : randomized controlled trialEden, Karen B; Wilson, Denise; Nada-Raja, Shyamala; Dobbs, Terry; McLean, Christine; Sisk, Rose; Glass, Nancy; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Vandal, Alain CJournal Article 
e031827_full.pdf.jpg2019Exploring sustainable primary care responses to intimate partner violence in New Zealand: Qualitative use of complexity theoryKoziol-Mclain, Jane; Gear, Claire; Eppel, ElizabethReport 
2017Family violence in a sample of treatment-seeking gamblers : the efect of having dependent childrenAbbott, Max; Bellringer, Maria; Pearson, Janet; Palmer du Preez, Katie; Wilson, Denise; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Garrett, NickJournal Article 
2004Female perpetrated femicide and attempted suicide: a case studyCampbell, Jacquelyn; Block, Carolyn Rebecca; Glass, Nancy; Koziol-Mclain, JaneJournal Article 
2020Health practitioners' readiness to address domestic violence and abuse: A qualitative meta-synthesisHameed, Mohajer; Feder, Gene; Hegarty, Kelsey L; McKibbin, Gemma; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Hooker, Leesa; Tarzia, LauraJournal Article 
2015The health-systems response to violence against womenColombini, Manuela; Feder, Gene; Garcia-Moreno, Claudia; Hegarty, Kelsey L; d'Oliveira, Ana Flavia Lucas; Koziol-Mclain, JaneJournal Article 
2004Incubated in terror: children living with domestic violenceDavies, Emma; Stasiak, Karolina; Koziol-Mclain, JaneJournal Article 
2020Indigenous people’s experiences and expectations of health care professionals when accessing care for family violence: A qualitative evidence synthesisSpangaro, Joanne M; Fiolet, Renee; Cameron, Jacqui; Tarzia, Laura; Gallant, David; Hameed, Mohajer; Hooker, Leesa; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Glover, KarenJournal Article 
2021“It’s not a yes or no question”: Disparities between women’s accounts of disclosing intimate partner violence and patient documentation in antenatal settings: A qualitative synthesisRutherford, Alison; Herring, Sigrid; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Spangaro, Jo; Zwi, Anthony BJournal Article 
2017Methodological and ethical challenges in a web-based randomized controlled trial of a domestic violence interventionHegarty, Kelsey L; Tarzia, Laura; Valpied, Jodie; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Glass, Nancy EJournal Article 
2007Partner violence prevalence among women attending a Maori health provider clinicGiddings, Lynne; Gardiner, Julie; Fyfe, Elaine; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Rameka, MariaJournal Article 
2004Prevalence of intimate partner violence among women presenting to an urban adult and paediatric emergency care departmentGardiner, Julie; Batty, Pam; Koziol-Mclain, JaneJournal Article 
2016Problem gambling and intimate partner violence : a systematic reivew and meta-analysisKoziol-Mclain, Jane; Cockman, Suzanne; Thomas, Shane; Bellringer, Maria; Battersby, Malcolm; Abbott, Max; Harvey, Peter; Dowling, Nicki A; Suomi, Aino; Jackson, Alun C; Lavis, Tiffany; Patford, JanetJournal Article 
2003Risk factors for femicide in abusive relationships: results from a multisite case control studyWebster, Daniel; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Campbell, Jacquelyn CJournal Article 
2006Risk factors for femicide-suicide in abusive relationships: results from a multisite case control studyUlrich, Yvonne; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Webster, Daniel; McFarlane, Judith; Block, Carolyn Rebecca; Glass, Nancy; Campbell, Jacquelyn CJournal Article 
Hegarty-et-al_RR_SUSTAIN.pdf.jpg2020Sustainability of identification and response to domestic violence in antenatal care: The SUSTAIN StudyChapman, Jenny; Lee, Amelia; Kyei-Onanjiri, Minerva; Matthews, Robyn; Valpied, Jodie; Hooker, Leesa; Spurway, Kim; Novy, Kitty; McLindon, Elizabeth; Hegarty, Kelsey L; Spangaro, Jo; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Walsh, JeannetteReport 
inm_12641.pdf.jpg2019Thinking differently: Re-framing family violence responsiveness in the mental health and addictions health care contextShort, Jacqueline; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Smith, Rachel; Roguski, Michael; Cram, FionaJournal Article 
inm_12641.pdf.jpg2019Thinking differently: Re-framing family violenceresponsiveness in the mental health andaddictions health care contextCram, Fiona; Short, Jacqueline; Koziol-Mclain, Jane; Roguski, MichaelReport