Author Parkinson, Debra

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2022Gender-based violence and disasterParkinson, DebraBook Chapter 
2022Gendered aspects of long-term disaster resilience in Victoria, AustraliaDuncan, Alyssa; Spencer, Caroline; Archer, Frank; Kaur, Jaspreet; Parkinson, DebraJournal Article 
2013The hidden disaster: domestic violence in the aftermath of natural disasterParkinson, Debra; Zara, ClaireJournal Article 
2020The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic response on older people : final report for Respect Victoria.Parkinson, Debra; O'Halloran, Kate; Dinning, Jemma; National Ageing Research Institute; Respect Victoria; Jigsaw ResearchReport 
2017Investigating the increase in domestic violence post disaster : an Australian case studyParkinson, DebraJournal Article 
ajem_19-2022-01.pdf.jpg2022Issues paper: Gender Justice in Disaster Conference 2021Kaur, Jaspreet; MacKay, Rachael; O'Malley, Steve; Parkinson, Debra; Leonard, WilliamJournal Article 
qual-research-LGBTI-and-EM-4-checked-and-uploaded-june-2018.pdf.jpg2018Lesbian and bi women’s experience of emergency managementParkinson, Debra; Duncan, AlyssaReport 
Vol-1-Executive-Summary-29-Oct-with-references.pdf.jpg2018Long-term disaster resilience: Vol. 1 Executive summary and recommendations.Parkinson, Debra; Kaur, Jaspreet; Duncan, AlyssaReport 
Vol-2-Long-term-disaster-resilience-report-FINAL.pdf.jpg2018Long-term disaster resilience: Vol. 2 Full report.Parkinson, Debra; Kaur, Jaspreet; Duncan, AlyssaReport 
ajem_22-2022-01.pdf.jpg9999Men’s role in violence against women in disasters: Studies in Iran and AustraliaSohrabizadeh, Sanaz; Parkinson, DebraJournal Article 
2011A numbers game: lack of gendered data impedes prevention of disaster related family violenceLancaster, Cath; Stewart, Anna; Parkinson, DebraJournal Article 
2009Partner rape : know about it, respond effectively, prevent it [DVD]Parkinson, Debra; Grigg, Darrendvd 
2004A powerful journey : a research report : women reflect on what helped them leaveParkinson, Debra; Zara, Claire; Burns, KerryReport 
2004A powerful journey : stories of women leaving violent situationsParkinson, Debra; Zara, Claire; Burns, KerryReport 
2008Raped by a partner : a research reportCowan, Sue; Parkinson, DebraReport 
Identifying-the-experiences-and-needs-of-LGBTI-emergencies-FINAL.pdf.jpg2018Research project on identifying the experiences and needs of LGBTI communities before, during and after emergencies in Victoria. Duncan, Alyssa; Parkinson, Debra; Jeffrey, Judy; Kaur, JaspreetReport 
2010Supporting victims through the legal process: The role of sexual assault service providersParkinson, DebraJournal Article 
Doc-005-The-Way-He-Tells-it1.pdf.jpg2011The way he tells it : relationships after Black SaturdayParkinson, Debra; Zara, ClaireReport