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2013Aboriginal women's perceptions and experiences of a family violence transitional accommodation serviceWendt, Sarah; Baker, JoanneJournal Article 
am202155-report-literature-review-031121.pdf.jpg2021Analysis of the workplace agreements database for the family and domestic violence leave reviewNatalier, Kristin; Seymour, Kate; Hirsch, Rachel; Wendt, SarahReport 
2020Building Collaboration with Child Protection and Domestic and Family Violence Sectors: Trialling a Living Lab ApproachWendt, Sarah; Bastian, Carmela; Jones, MichelleJournal Article 
2021Changed men? Men talking about violence and change in domestic and family violence perpetrator intervention programsWendt, Sarah; Seymour, Kate; Natalier, KristinJournal Article 
2019Child-focused approaches when working with parents affected by family and domestic violenceMoss, Daniel; Tully David; Wendt, Sarahwebsite 
2022Collaboration between child protection and domestic and family violence: A case file reviewWendt, Sarah; Bastian, CarmelaJournal Article 
2009Constructions of local culture and impacts on domestic violence in an Australian rural communityWendt, SarahJournal Article 
2016Contemporary feminisms in social work practiceMoulding, Nicole; Wendt, Sarahtext 
2015Domestic violence in diverse contexts : a re-examination of genderZannettino, Lana; Wendt, Sarahbook 
2014Domestic violence in diverse contexts :a re-examination of genderZannettino, Lana; Wendt, SarahNon-Fiction 
2011The effect of family violence on post-separation parenting arrangementsTinning, Beth; Wendt, Sarah; Campbell, Alan; McInnes, Elspeth; Batagol, Becky; Baker, Joanne; Tyson, Danielle; Sifris, Adiva; Bagshaw, Dale; Brown, TheaJournal Article 
2011The effect of family violence on post-separation parenting arrangements: the experiences and views of children and adults from families who separated post-1995 and post-2006McInnes, Elspeth; Tinning, Beth; Bagshaw, Dale; Brown, Thea; Wendt, Sarah; Campbell, AlanJournal Article 
PI_17_12-Wendt-Invitational-Narrative-Therapies-ANROWS-Research-Report_(2).pdf.jpg2019Engaging men who use violence: Invitational narrative approachesGreenland, Natalie; Wendt, Sarah; Seymour, Kate; Buchanan, Fiona; Dolman, ChrisReport 
2008Exploring Men's Perpetrator Programs in Small Rural CommunitiesWendt, Sarah; Jamieson, ShirleyJournal Article 
am202155-report-wad-data-031121.pdf.jpg2021Family and domestic violence leave entitlement in Australia: A systemic reviewHirsch, Rachel; Seymour, Kate; Wendt, Sarah; Natalier, KristinReport 
2021First contact social work: Responding to domestic and family violenceMandara, Mia; Jones, Michelle; McLaren, Helen; Wendt, Sarah; Seymour, Kate; Dunk-West, PriscillaJournal Article 
2000Home safe home : the link between domestic and family violence and women's homelessnessKennedy, Rosemary; Cody, Sam; Wendt, Sarah; O'Brien, Bev; Chung, DonnaReport 
2000Homeless women and domestic violence: whose needs are really being met?Wendt, Sarah; Chung, DonnaConference Paper 
2001The impact of domestic and family violence on women and homelessness: findings from a national research projectKennedy, Rosemary; Wendt, Sarah; Chung, Donna; O'Brien, BevJournal Article 
2002Impacts of rural culture on domestic violenceCheers, Brian; Wendt, SarahJournal Article