Author Westmarland, Nicole

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anhistoricaloverviewbriefingnote.pdf.jpg2013Domestic violence perpetrator programmes : an historical overviewPhillips, Ruth; Westmarland, Nicole; Kelly, LizElectronic publication 
ProjectMirabalfinalreport.pdf.jpg2015Domestic violence perpetrator programmes : steps towards changeKelly, Liz; Westmarland, NicoleReport 
2010Domestic violence perpetrator programmes : what counts as success?Westmarland, Nicole; Chalder-Mills, Julie; Kelly, LizElectronic publication 
FinalversionChildren_and_Young_Peoplebriefingnote.pdf.jpg2013Domestic violence perpetrator programmes and children and young peopleBriefing noteAlderson, Sue; Westmarland, Nicole; Kelly, LizElectronic publication 
2008Early evaluation of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004Westmarland, Nicole; Williamson, Emma; Pearce, Julia; Hester, MarianneElectronic publication 
2008Early evaluation of the Integrated Domestic Violence Court, CroydonHester, Marianne; Westmarland, Nicole; Pearce, JuliaReport 
s2.pdf.jpg2019‘It’s a work in progress’: men’s accounts of gender and change in their use of coercive controlKelly, Liz; Downes, Julia; Westmarland, NicoleReport 
2018Keeping perpetrators in view: How do we see the 'Web of Accountability'?Walklate, Sandra; Westmarland, Nicole; Monash Arts; Fitz-Gibbon, Kate; Nancarrow, Heather; Robinson, AmandaVideo 
2016Naming and defining 'domestic violence' : lessons from research with violent menWestmarland, Nicole; Kelly, LizJournal Article 
2012The need for accountability to, and support for, children of men on domestic violence perpetrator programmesWestmarland, Nicole; Kelly, Liz; Alderson, SusanJournal Article 
2015New approaches to assessing effectiveness and outcomes of domestic violence perpetrator programsKelly, Liz; Westmarland, NicoleBook Chapter 
ResearchBriefing12-ProtectingWomensSafety.pdf.jpg2013Protecting women's safety? The use of smartphone 'apps' in relation to domestic and sexual violenceHardey, Mariann; Westmarland, Nicole; Bows, HannahJournal Article 
2015Seeking justice for survivors of sexual violence: Recognition, voice and consequencesMcGlynn, Clare; Westmarland, Nicole; Downes, JuliaBook Chapter 
2556.pdf.jpg2005Tackling domestic violence : effective interventions and approachesHome Office research studyWestmarland, Nicole; Hester, MarianneReport 
2016"Time out" : a strategy for reducing men's violence against women in relationships?Westmarland, Nicole; Wistow, Richard; Kelly, LizJournal Article 
2020Utilization of Videoconference Software for Men’s BIPs: Summary of Experience and Research to date and COVID-19 ConsiderationsWestmarland, Nicole; Bellini, Rosanna; Petrangelo, Melissa; Heath, Jonmisc 
2013Why extending measurements of 'success' in domestic violence perpetrator programmes matters for social workWestmarland, Nicole; Kelly, LizJournal Article