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2017"More closeted than gayness itself" : the depiction of same-sex couple violence in newspaper mediaWebber, Gretchen R; Estes, Michelle LJournal Article
trans-pathwayreport-web.pdf.jpg2017Trans pathways : the mental health experiences and care pathways of trans young people : summary of resultsCook, Angus; Winter, Sam; Strauss, Penelope; Lin, Ashleigh; Wright Toussaint, Dani; Watson, VanessaReport
7-Sep-2023The ANROWS Evidence Portal of interventions to address and end violence against women: Methodology reportHine, Lorelei; Bell, Charlotte; Eggins, Elizabeth; Watt, Elizabeth; Hine, Lorelei; Bell, Charlotte; Eggins, Elizabeth; Watt, ElizabethReport
2022Criminalising Gender Diversity: Trans and Gender Diverse People’s Experiences with the Victorian Criminal Legal SystemMcCrory, Adrien; Appleton, Brenda; Mitchell, Matthew; Skaburskis, IsabelleJournal Article
2014NCAVP's 2013 report on intimate partner violence against LGBTQ and HIV-affected people in the United States was released October 15, 2014.National Coalition of Anti-Violence ProgramsReport
2016Family violence primary prevention : building a knowledge base and identifying gaps for all manifestations of family violenceThe Equality Institute; State of VictoriaReport
2016Building rainbow communities free of partner and sexual violenceDickson, SandraReport
2020Sexual citizenship and lifetime sexual assault: exploring the risks for sexual minority women with a physical limitationBones, Paul D. C.Journal Article
2017The provoking operation of provocation : stage 1Line, Lucy; Fitz-Gibbon, Kate; Plater, DavidReport
2016Domestic violence service providers' capacity for supporting transgender women : findings from an Australian workshopDonovan, Catherine; Riggs, Damien W; Fraser, Heather; Taylor, Nik; Signal, TaniaJournal Article