The ANROWS Digital Library provides links to a broad range of evidence in the violence against women sector including research papers, reports and resources.

The library is committed to providing access to high-quality and accessible (open access) evidence to ensure that researchers, policymakers, and practitioners have access to research and resources that are relevant to their work in the prevention of violence against women.

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Chung-RR-Improved-Accountability.pdf.jpg2020Improved accountability: The role of perpetrator intervention systemsWilkes-Gillan, Sarah; Green, Damian; Pracilio, Amy; Young, Amy; Gore, Ashlee; Watts, Lynelle; Speyer, Renee; Bissett, Tallace; Anderson, Sarah; Mahoney, Natasha; Chung, Donna; Upton-Davis, Karen; Cordier, Reinie; Campbell, Elena; Wong, Tim; Salter, Michael; Austen, Siobhan; O'Leary, Patrick; Breckenridge, Jan; Vlais, RodneyReport
2020The views of Australian judicial officers on domestic and family violence perpetrator interventionsMaher, JaneMaree; Thomas, Kate; Fitz-Gibbon, Kate; Pfitzner, Naomi; Burley, Jessica; McCulloch, Jude; McGowan, JasmineReport
2004Does batterer's treatment work? a meta-analytic review of domestic violence treatmentRobie, Chet; Green, Charles EJournal Article
2013Randomized clinical trial examining the incremental efficacy of a 90-minute motivational alcohol intervention as an adjunct to standard batterer intervention for menMoore, Todd M; Shorey, Ryan C; Stuart, Gregory LJournal Article
2013Shame, posttraumatic stress disorder, and intimate partner violence perpetrationTaft, Casey T; Lawrence, Amy EJournal Article
2012Literature review on domestic violence perpetratorsWilczynski, Ania; Bodiam, Tiffany; Lai, Sally; Grealy, Claire; Wallace, AlisonReport
2021Changed men? Men talking about violence and change in domestic and family violence perpetrator intervention programsWendt, Sarah; Seymour, Kate; Natalier, KristinJournal Article
2018Practice guide: Invisible Practices Working with fathers who use violenceHealey, Lucy; Mandel, Dave; Chung, Donna; Heward-Belle, Susan; Tsantefski, Menka; Humphreys, Cathymisc
PI_17_09-Bear-RR.pdf.jpg2020Developing LGBTQ programs for perpetrators and victims/survivors of domestic and family violenceWalker, Tommy; Hamer, Jen; Gray, Rebecca; Ling, Joycelyn; Kean, Jessica; Broady, TimothyReport
Evid_20Based_20Strategies.pdf.jpg2014Evidence-based strategies for working with offendersRempel, MichaelPolicy/Protocol