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2017-NCAS-ATSI-Sub-Report.pdf.jpg2019Attitudes towards violence against women and gender equality among Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders: Findings from the 2017 National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey (NCAS)Diemer, Kristin; Webster, Kim; Ward, Andrew; Stubbs, Julie; Powell, Anastasia; Politoff, Violeta Marticorena; Parkes, Alexandra; Morgan, Jenny; Mickle, Justine; Honey, Nikki; Cripps, KyllieReport 
2002Child abuse and family violence in Aboriginal communities : exploring child sexual abuse in Western AustraliaKovacs, Katie; Cripps, Kyllie; Tomison, Adam; Stanley, JanetReport 
brief012-v1.pdf.jpg2012Communities working to reduce Indigenous family violenceCripps, Kyllie; Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse; Davis, MeganJournal Article 
2020Implementation options and evaluation of integrated service model responses to address family violence in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander CommunitiesCripps, KyllieReport 
AHURI-Final-Report-320-Improving-housing-and-service-responses-to-domestic-and-family-violence-for-Indigenous-individuals-and-families.pdf.jpg2019Improving housing and service responses to domestic and family violence for Indigenous individuals and families Habibis, Daphne; Cripps, KyllieReport 
2008Indigenous family violence and the NTER intervention: public policy vs evidenceCripps, KyllieJournal Article 
2008Indigenous family violence: A statistical challengeCripps, KyllieJournal Article 
2008Indigenous family violence: a statistical challengeCripps, KyllieJournal Article 
AILR_v11n2_Cripps.pdf.jpg2007Indigenous family violence: from emergency measures to committed long term actionCripps, KyllieJournal Article 
2010Indigenous family violence: Pathways forwardCripps, Kyllie; Walker, Roz; Dudgeon, Pat; Purdie, NolaBook Chapter 
2021Media constructions of Indigenous women in sexual assault cases: reflections from Australia and CanadaCripps, KyllieJournal Article 
2009Mutant Messages 2: Victoria's Indigenous Family Violence Plan.Miller, Leanne; Cripps, KyllieJournal Article 
2010Mutant Messages 3: Victoria's Indigenous Family Violence PlanMiller, Leanne; Cripps, KyllieJournal Article 
2009Mutant Messages 3: Victoria’s Indigenous Family Violence PlanCripps, Kyllie; Miller, LeanneJournal Article 
2008Mutant Messages: Victoria's Indigenous Family Violence 10 Year PlanMiller, Leanne; Cripps, KyllieJournal Article 
Revisiting-safe-at-home-responses-to-domestic-and-family-violence-Jan-Breckenridge-kylie-valentine-Kyllie-Cripps-National-Housing-Conference-2019-Darwin.pdf.jpg2019Revisiting Safe at Home Responses to Domestic and Family Violence – what factors contribute to better safety and housing outcomes for women?Cripps, Kyllie; valentine, kylie; Breckenridge, JanReport 
2010Sexual violence and Indigenous victims : women, children and the criminal justice systemResearch brief (Indigenous Law Centre)Davis, Megan; Taylor, Louise; Cripps, KyllieJournal Article 
2011Speaking up to the silences: Victorian Koori courts and the complexities of Indigenous family violence.Cripps, KyllieJournal Article 
2010Too hard to handle: Indigenous victims of violence with disabilitiesMiller, Leanne; Saxton-Barney, Jody; Cripps, KyllieJournal Article 
2010‘TOO HARD TO HANDLE’: Indigenous victims of violence with disabilitiesMiller, Leanne; Saxton-Barney, Jody; Cripps, KyllieJournal Article