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2021The Palgrave Handbook of Gendered Violence and TechnologyClough, Jonathan; Cooke, Talani; Powell, Anastasia; Flynn, Asher; Sugiura, LisaBook Chapter
2021‘For my safety’: Experiences of technology-facilitated abuse among women with intellectual disability or cognitive disabilityWoodlock, Delanie; Harris, BridgetReport
2022Technology-facilitated abuse against women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds: A scoping review of the literatureLiang, Jianqiang; Leyton Zamora, Carolina; Boddy, Jennifer; O'Leary, PatrickJournal Article
2022Technology-facilitated abuse: Interviews with victims and survivors and perpetratorsFlynn, Asher; Powell, Anastasia; Hindes, SophieReport
2022Perpetration of image-based sexual abuse: Extent, nature and correlates in a multi-country sampleMcCook, Sarah; Powell, Anastasia; Scott, Adrian J; Flynn, AsherJournal Article
2023Towards meaningful engagement: Key findings for survivor co-production of public policy on gender-based violenceWheildon, Lisa; Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety; ANROWSReport
2022Disrupting and preventing deepfake abuse: Exploring criminal law responses to AI-facilitated abuseClough, Jonathan; Cooke, Talani; Flynn, AsherBook Chapter
2021For better or worse: When technology intersects with domestic violence and the lived experiences of Chinese immigrant womenLouie, Yee Man; Louie, Yee ManThesis
2022Understanding the perspectives of perpetrators using technology-facilitated abuse: using story-completion methods to engage those who use harmful behavioursHy, Vibol; Fiolet, Renee; McKay, Dana; Brown, Cynthia; Leins, Kobi; Harris, Bridget; Marsden, SallyConference Paper
Dec-2023Quick Guide to the 2021 NCAS findings for young AustraliansAustralia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety; ANROWSReport