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2005R & B: a conversation between a researcher and a battered woman about domestic violence fatality reviewWebsdale, NeilJournal Article 
2002R v Leonboyer: the role of expert witnesses in psychological blow automatism casesWells, Helen; Wilson, PaulJournal Article 
Struthers-RtPP-R4Respect.pdf.jpg2019R4Respect: Lessons from a peer-to-peer respectful relationships education program Key findings and future directionsAustralia's National Research Organisation for Women's SafetyReport 
R4Respect_PeerEducationGuide_May2019_digital_pages.pdf.jpg2019R4Respect: Respectful relationships peer education guideKhokhar, Beenush; Taukolo, Andrew; Uwineza, Jennifer; Saeed, Nadia; Pascua, RachaelReport 
2019Race and the Criminal Justice System Response to Sexual Assault: A Systematic ReviewLee, HaeNim; Shaw, JessicaJournal Article 
1995Race, gender, and the battered woman syndrome: an Australian case studyTolmie, Julia; Stubbs, JulieJournal Article 
2004Race, poverty, and the crime-centered response to domestic violence: a comment on Linda Mills's insult to injury:rethinking our responses to intimate abuseCoker, DonnaJournal Article 
2007Race/ethnicity religious involvement and domestic violenceAnderson, Kristin L; Johnson, Byron R; Ellison, Christopher G; Trinitapoli, Jenny AJournal Article 
2016Racial minority women and criminal justice responses to domestic violenceZhuang, Ze Hong; Paz, Eva; Tam, Dora M Y; Tutty, Lesley MJournal Article 
2003Racial vilification: the statisticsSpeakoutJournal Article 
2016Racialised gang rape and the reinforcement of dominant order : discourses of gender, race and nationGrewal, Kiran KaurNon-Fiction 
2018Racialising domestic violence : Islamophobia and the Australian forced marriage debatePatton, ChloeJournal Article 
2002The radiating impact of intimate partner violenceRaja, Sheela; Riger, Stephanie; Camacho, JenniferJournal Article 
2002A radical experience: Townsville International Women's Conference 'Poverty, violence & women's rights: setting a global genda'Baker, JoanneJournal Article 
2000RAGE Project - Berry Street, MelbourneMcVeigh, PaddyJournal Article 
2020The Rainbow Safety GuideVictim Support Servicemisc 
2000Raising awareness about elder abuse: a community partnership approachDambergs, DaceConference Paper 
2004Raising awareness in the North: DV Prevention Month, QldWoodbridge, PaulineJournal Article 
1999Raising the roof: women, housing and homelessnessColeman, AnneJournal Article 
2013Randomized clinical trial examining the incremental efficacy of a 90-minute motivational alcohol intervention as an adjunct to standard batterer intervention for menMoore, Todd M; Shorey, Ryan C; Stuart, Gregory LJournal Article